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The ad rate is $40 a month or $100 for 3 months.

To get started, send your ad and the website to link it to - nospamcablenewslies@yahoo.com Remove the nospam text after you click on my e-mail address.

Once we agree on a deal, you can PayPal the money to me or send me a check, money order, or cashiers check. After we agree on the ad come back to this page and click the paypal button to make your payment. If you don't have paypal you can contact me for the information, but you will have to wait until I recieve the check and cash it before your ad goes up on the web site.

( Cablenewslies.com ad FAQ )

Make sure you contact me before you send any money.

I need to see your ad and approve it. I approve almost anything, but not everything.

If we agree on a deal you should send the ad as an attachment.

Your blog type ad should be 150x150 or smaller, unless it is a banner ad. Banner ads should be 468x60.